Information For Buyers

When you use a Realtor from RE/MAX At Mara Lake to help you purchase real estate,
you will receive the highest standard of care and extreme loyalty as the client.

Obligation To Buyer

Our Realtors have an obligation to only represent you, the buyer. This eliminates the possibility of any potential conflicts.

Mortgage Approval

Our Realtors will help you determine how much you can afford and help you get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Market Analysis

Our Realtors will prepare and interpret a market analysis for the property you are buying to determine if the price and terms of the listed property are correct.

Making The Best Decision

Our Realtors will help you analyze the pros and cons of the properties you are considering to help you make the best possible decision.

Market Values

Our Realtors will discuss the future value of the property in different neighborhoods to help you understand which neighborhoods hold their property value better.

Full Disclosure

Our Realtors will provide you with all the information available about the properties you are considering to help you make the best possible decision.

Creating Confidence

Our Realtors will make sure that purchase agreements are done correctly to ensure that all parties feel comfortable with moving forward with the purchase of your property.


Our Realtors are professionals and can be held accountable for all the details.

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